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About tranXact
tranXact, Inc. (Miami, Florida) provides Carriers, Resellers and Distributors with a universal payment solution for the rapidly growing market of point of sale activated (POSA) services. tranXact provides a proprietary transaction processing service that fully automates electronic payment processing for such prepaid services as cellular, home phone, long distance, Internet stored value cards, money transfer and other services utilizing its state-of-the-art point-of-sale terminal software and transaction processing network.

tranXact provides prepaid telecommunications service providers with the ability to activate virtually any prepaid product or service and track their sales activity via an Internet-accessible customer service and management control database. The Companyís technology offers service providers with the ability to view real-time information on all sales activity and help their merchants protect against most incidents of fraud and theft. Our turn-key point-of-sale solution eliminates inventory and consignment issues for the Reseller, Distributor and Merchant. Management personnel can access real-time customer service and management data for all prepaid products and services sold to better manage their business and grow more efficiently.

tranXact has adapted its proprietary software to operate on a wide variety of terminals including Lipman Nurit, Verifone Tranz, Verifone Omni, Ingenico Elite and Hypercom ICE and T7 series. The Company also provides its services via host-to-host integration with its Customer's product database or billing system. The Company's ultimate goal is to make its prepaid transaction processing application available for virtually all types of terminals sold in the US and International markets.
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