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SpC utilizes tranXact's host transaction processing network. tranXact's network provides the ideal platform for large-scale multi-transactional realtime processing. The network is accessible from the customer's host computer, credit card terminal, via telephone connection or VPN connection. tranXact's core processing engine interprets transactions requests and processes the transactions locally or at the provider side and appropriately sends completed transaction responses to the originating source. tranXact developed its core processing engine in-house using state of art hardware and software components.

The tranXact core processing engine is the heart of the transaction processing network. tranXact's transactional engine is a TCP/IP based server which handles host transaction requests. Transactions are uniquely identified by their data content which usually includes: merchant id, time and date, clerk id, action, product id, and dollar amount. The entire transaction request and transaction reply is completed within 6 seconds, thereby freeing up the customer's terminal for other transactions.

All transaction request are archived for future reference and are readily available on the realtime reporting site. tranXact's equipment is hosted at a premiere downtown data center in Miami, Florida. tranXact operates a redundant network processing network out of a data center in the heart of Panama City, Panama.

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